About Us

Our Approach

We are experts in delivering internal communications, measurement and audits, employee experience and strategy development. We blend seamlessly into your team, and as our name suggests, we bring fresh insights and perspectives to inspire change and positive actions.

Our ‘Rebel’ approach outlines how we like to work with you.

Revolutionary ideas that work:

We are not afraid of challenges – in fact, this is where we are at our best. We think differently and create solutions that work for you. No problem is unsolvable, and we will always work collaboratively to make sure you gain the best outcome possible.

Energetic approach to creativity:

The world of work is evolving rapidly, and we know to capture the attention of colleagues, we must be more creative to engage colleagues with organisational messaging.

Bold thinking:

We bring bold thinking to everything we do and we’re not afraid to push against status quo. Our mantra is ‘We refuse to be ordinary’.

Effective results:

Delivering effective results is the foundation of the work we do at CommsRebel. The work we produce will always be framed around measurement, data and insight.

Limitless possibilities:

Building trust with you is critical. Because when you trust and enjoy working with us, the possibilities we can achieve together are limitless.