Confidence Coaching

Want to create more impact?

Our coaching packages equip you with support and practical advice to help you confidently lead and make a positive impact.

Do you feel invisible when you walk into a room? Do you struggle to articulate your point of view? Does the thought of public speaking send shivers down your spine? Do you worry about what other people think about you? Are you seeing others thrive around you and think you’re being left behind?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at our coaching packages – they could make a huge difference in how you are feeling.

“Advita has supported me in building my confidence, encouraging me to listen to my inner wisdom, develop my self-belief and overcome crippling self-doubt during an intense period of change.”

Emma Koubayssi – Head of Experience

“Advita has a natural ability to make you recognise your own potential and help guide you towards it.”

Tony – Senior Internal Communications Manager

Our coaching packages will make you confident, bolder and armed with a clear plan of action. We also have group packages available for focus groups and workshops. If you’re interested in either of these, please get in touch.

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