A good change programme needs a good inclusive comms process

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I love a good change programme. The more complex, the better. I like unpicking and understanding how things connect. The lightbulb moments when the messaging is clear and concise. The vibrancy and energy it can bring when people understand the vision.

So how can you establish a good, inclusive comms process in a change programme?

Start with identifying and involving key stakeholders.

I always speak to key stakeholders to get their input, address their concerns, and involve them in decision-making where appropriate. By doing so, you’ll build trust and ownership with those who will play a critical role in communicating the change.

Understand what messaging is required.

Different teams and individuals may have varying levels of impact and concerns regarding the change. Be empathetic, transparent, and considerate of their unique perspectives. Also, think about the micro-cultures in each area.

It’s also helpful to recognise where there’s resistance.

Acknowledge these concerns openly and address them head-on. Allow colleagues to express their feelings and questions and respond with empathy and clarity. This will help you understand the type of comms approach you may need.

Think about the communication channels.

It’s essential to use a mix of inclusive communication channels. Give people choices, and ensure you include some two-way engagement.

Develop your comms strategy and plan with the information you’ve gathered.

No point in doing anything without a comms strategy or a plan. The strategy, at a basic level, should explain the vision, objectives, channels, messaging, outcome and timeline of the change programme.

Continuously evaluate and adjust your plan based on feedback.

Keep gathering feedback from colleagues, track key performance indicators, and be open to making adjustments as needed. Your plan shouldn’t be sitting in a folder. It needs to be a working document.

What else would you add?


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