Boost your confidence in just 30 days

#CuriousMoments with Advita

What if I told you that I could help you boost your confidence in just 30 days?

I decided to specialise as a confidence and influence coach after experiencing several confidence crashes in my career.

I never did anything without waiting for validation or permission. I didn’t believe I was good at something until someone told me I was. My confidence level was dependent on the people around me. So if I received criticism from someone, I instantly believed I was rubbish because they thought I was.

Sound familiar?

So one day, after another confidence crash, I decided that I no longer wanted to live my life based on the moods or the opinions of the people around me.

I wanted to build unshakeable confidence that stuck with me despite the adversity that may come my way.

So I researched everything I could about confidence and applied it to my life.

Three years later, my life couldn’t be any different. I own three businesses, speak internationally, host two podcasts, run my own event and have written a best-selling book.

I’m often asked how I found my confidence and what did I do?

So I decided to share all the tactics that worked for me and add them to a free 30-day confidence tracker. Each day there’s a micro activity to complete. Some will take two minutes max, others around 60 minutes.

I know some people are better with accountability, so if this is you, come over to our CommsRebel platform. There will be a special group for everyone taking part.

You can start the 30 days whenever you like but there’s nothing like the present.

So are you ready to build unshakeable confidence and take some control back?

Let’s go!


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