ContactMonkey: Powerful internal communications

Published: 8 June 2023

ContactMonkey is one of our brilliant Pioneer Partners for #InnerRebel2023! Here, we meet ContactMonkey’s Maithili Jha, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, and Alex Cleary, Content Marketing Manager who tell us a bit more about the company and the trends they’re currently seeing.

Tell us a bit more about what ContactMonkey does

ContactMonkey is a powerful internal communications software that integrates directly with Outlook and Gmail, allowing users to create, send, and track emails and SMS messages from a single platform. We help internal communicators boost employee engagement and streamline their workflow through a modern digital system that combines email design, communication, event management, SMS, and powerful analytics. A recent addition: our Azure Directory and HRIS integration enables ContactMonkey users to sync their existing employee directories and take complete control of their email distribution lists. In a fast-moving world of work, our tool makes it easier for companies to engage remote, hybrid, and deskless workers.

What kinds of customers do you work with?

Internal communications, employee engagement, internal marketing, and human resources professionals. 

How do you develop a strong internal communications culture?

  • Maintain consistent, clear, and honest communication with employees

  • Enable a candid, two-way conversation between employees and leadership 

  • Collect regular employee feedback and actively implement changes accordingly

  • Develop meaningful KPIs and constant measure and reassess your performance

What trends are you currently seeing in internal communications?

  • Strengthening leadership communication

  • Proving internal communications ROI with data-backed KPIs

  • Improving employee experience in a remote/hybrid environment

  • Engaging deskless employees

  • Building autonomy for internal communications teams

Great to have you onboard as a partner! Why did you sponsor InnerRebel?

InnerRebel’s goal of helping internal communications and HR improve company culture and drive employee engagement aligns closely with ContactMonkey’s core mission. We believe that engaged employees create increased value for their employers, and contribute to a productive and meaningful work environment. 

What are you looking forward to at InnerRebel?

We are looking forward to meeting and connecting with communications and human resources professionals in the UK, learning more about their priorities and challenges, and exploring how ContactMonkey can partner with them to help achieve their goals.

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