Creating more influence and impact in your role

Published: 6 February 2024

#CuriousMoments with Advita

Common question comms pros often ask in our coaching session is, “How can I create more influence and impact in my role?”

I will always share the following two pieces of advice:

1) How are you demonstrating value in your role? It’s easy to fall into this constant whirlwind of churning out a load of stuff, but is it valuable? People will constantly ask for things, but if there’s no rationale or alignment on why they need it – then I’d question why.

As comms professionals, we’re often advised to say no more often. But it’s never that easy. So kick off with some strategic questions to the requester 👇🏽

What’s the issue you’re trying to solve?
What are the consequences of not doing this task?
What behaviour change are you expecting to see?
What does success look like to you?

2) How knowledgeable are you about the industry you’re supporting? I always say that we should be business leaders with communication expertise. This reframe allows us to channel the needs of the business and helps us understand what keeps our leaders up at night. For every client I support, I’ll always do a SWOT for my knowledge. What are their strengths, what weaknesses do I see, what opportunities are available and where are the threats?

Also, if I think something of interest will help some senior stakeholders, I’ll always drop them a link or recommend the book/blog/podcast. It demonstrates business interest and gives you a platform for conversation.

If you’re struggling, give it a go. They’ve made a big difference to me in the past.

I’d love to know what else has worked for you.

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