Fear public speaking? How I learnt to love the experience

Published: 3 August 2023

#CuriousMoments with Advita

Before 2018 I’d never spoken on a public stage. The thought made me queasy, and whenever I was approached, I recommended someone else.

But I’ve now spoken at over 100 events, from small groups to a 1000-plus audience. I’ve presented to leaders based in Australia to comms professionals in the USA. It’s not been an easy journey, but over time I’ve come to love the experience.

So what changed?

I stopped centring myself and thought about the audience instead. I focused on that one person who may feel lost, worried, alone or struggling to find a fix. As soon as I centred on them, my anxiety melted away.

I’ve used this approach for all types of public speaking, and it works a treat. There’s no way I’d be hosting two podcasts or running InnerRebel if I didn’t channel my fear into the outcome I wanted to achieve.

It’s also important to find what works for you; for example, I never have a script and using a teleprompter is a big no. Instead, I have bullets and use storytelling to get my points across. I accepted that occasionally I’ll trip over my words, say the wrong phrase or word and over gesture with my hands. But that’s me, and I won’t apologise for that.

So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and have fun because if you’re enjoying it, the people who are watching you will as well. And if you can find a sax player to accompany you along the way – then I highly recommend it 🤣


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