Inclusive Leaders – the green flags to look out for

Published: 16 April 2024

Are you an inclusive leader?

#CuriousMoments with Advita

When I host inclusive leadership communication workshops, I often discuss red flags to look out for.

But after such a positive response to a post a couple of months ago, I now share what green flags to look for in an inclusive leader. This seems to resonate more, leading to positive and proactive conversations.

Here are a few green flags I share:

– They understand what taking accountability means. Inclusive leaders will often hold themselves and other people accountable for commitments they made, and they will take time to invest in their personal development so they are continuously learning about diversity, equity and inclusion.

– An inclusive leader will have a curious mindset. They will ask questions, will listen actively and will be empathetic towards others. They’ll also have an inclusive culture coach or a group of trusted advisors to help them understand where improvements can be made.

– Cultural intelligence will be vital to them, and they’ll be fully aware of their cultural values and adapt well to multicultural environments.

– Many inclusive leaders won’t be afraid to show humility and vulnerability. They won’t be scared to admit they have more to learn and will create a psychologically safe space for others so they can collaborate and contribute.

– They will be tuned into their bias and will work hard to ensure they create a fair and equitable environment.

– Inclusive leaders understand the importance of open and transparent communications. They will engage frequently with their team and others because building relationships is essential to them.

Anything else you’d add?

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