Is your workplace anti-racist? #ListenActChange

Published: 7 February 2024

#CuriousMoments with Advita 

A study undertaken by TUC showed that four in five people don’t report racist behaviour at work because they fear losing their jobs or not being taken seriously.

Almost a third of Black, Asian and ethnic minority colleagues shared that they feel less confident, and it’s had an impact on their mental health.

It’s the start of Race Equality Week in the UK, and this year’s theme is #ListenActChange. It’s an opportunity for organisations to pay attention to what people are sharing and take action to become an anti-racist workplace.

As communication professionals, we must understand our role in supporting some of this work and how we can be influential allies.

1) If you’re asked to support this week, have you asked questions about key outcomes and success measures? Have you asked what improvements have been made since last year?

2) Be mindful of how much pressure you put on your employee resource group to produce content. Some incidents can be complex to recall, and these stories are not for our entertainment. Ask if there’s appropriate support in place for anyone who may need it.

3) Performative action (doing something because it makes you look good) must be called out. And if you’re asked to share content with no proper outcome, question its value.

This is an important week to spend some time reflecting and learning. I’ve shared some official resources below, but if you have any specific questions, get in touch. 


Resources: Race Equality Week 2024 and The TUC study  


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