Say hello to Nishant Patel!

Published: 6 September 2023

We have big plans at CommsRebel and to achieve them we need great people! Step forward our newest associate, Nishant Patel, IT consultant. Want to know more about Nish? Read on for his Q&A and why Bloody Marys are his hidden talent!

Tell us a bit more about you

I’m from Bolton but now live in London. It’s crazy how 14 years have flown by since the move. I’ve been in IT since I got out of University – something I kind of fell into after always having an interest. I’ve worked mainly in consultancy across pretty much every type of industry from pet food to luxury hotel groups. I love to holiday, garden and press buttons that I shouldn’t press!

What does an IT professional do?

The whole point of our world is to help businesses get more from everything. You’ve got data? We’ll show it to you. You have a long manual process? We’ll automate it for you etc. The days of concentration on hardware have long ended – the people who will prosper will help enable businesses make key decisions and reduce costs, financial and time based.

What attracted you to work with CommsRebel?

I’ve been following the Team for a while now and love the unapologetic views. Too many people tow the lines, don’t question, don’t think of better ways to do things.

What do you most enjoy about the work you do and why?

Every day is different, businesses are all on their own journey and helping them get there is the best feeling

How do you relax?

Playing with my son is the best thing – nothing else will come close.

What’s your favourite film and why?

Easy. Top Gun, both 1 and 2 are the best. In my younger days I always wanted to be a pilot.

What’s your hidden talent?

I think I’m a pretty good cocktail maker. I haven’t had a complaint about my Bloody Marys to date!

What’s number one on your travel bucket list and why?

 For me it has to be underwater. Great white shark cage diving and seeing a blue whale form under the water will do it for me.

Who embodies a rebel to you?

It isn’t a person as such but the ability to disrupt a market is being a rebel to me. Whilst everyone now knows Jeff Bezos for being mega rich he wasn’t always. No one thinks of the time and risk of starting a web bookshop from your garage and taking it up against the big boys of the time. Same for Netflix, Uber etc.

What’s your most used phone app?

 Embarrassingly, Wordsearch. Don’t blame me, blame London commuting.

What sparks your curiosity?

Seeing something done in a way I wouldn’t have thought of. My kind of TV shows are ones that show how things are made – it must be the engineer in me!

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