Video production trends and all things InnerRebel!

Published: 18 April 2023

Kinura is our livestream partner for Unleash Your Inner Rebel for the second year running. Here, Kinura’s Sarah Platt, co-founder and director, joins us for a quick chat about the trends she’s seeing in video production and why she’s excited about this year’s Unleash Your Inner Rebel. 


What is Kinura?

Kinura are livestream production specialists. We stream conferences, webinars, social campaigns etc – and broadcast to any platform. Production can be multi-camera, on location or in the studio, and we also offer fully remote production for online events. We have been in business for 16 years so you can throw anything at us, particularly after the pandemic! Our clients trust us to look after their livestreams and reliability, flexibility and quality are hardwired into everything we do.  

Who are your clients?

Our clients tend to be global firms, NGOs, publishers, tech and finance companies. We cover business critical events, annual general meetings, town halls, CEO announcements as well as conferences and campaigns.

What trends are you seeing in events/video production at the moment?

The trend is always towards uplifting basic production values for a more polished broadcast output. Clients are more knowledgeable around livestream workflows than ever but there is always some new development to keep on top of with platforms or online video software. In the UK, livestream shopping is just kicking off so that’s an area we’re getting excited about. 

We’re so excited you’re our live-streaming partner for Unleash Your Inner Rebel once again. What are your reflections on last year’s event?

The first Inner Rebel conference was awesome! We cover a lot of business conferences and rarely is there so much energy in the room! The integrity of the focus on diversity is tangible where so many times at events it has just been a token gesture. We’re looking forward to all the speakers this year, especially Nisha Katona. 

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event? 

We’re really looking forward to hearing from all the great speakers and can already tell that there will be a lot of positivity in the room and about the future. Something we all need in our lives right now. Of course we’re also excited about the barbeque on the roof! 

Anything else you’d like people to know about Kinura? 

Our brand new livestream studio in London will be open for business very soon. A shoot-ready space with built in cameras, sound, lighting and LED video wall. 

Thanks for your time, Sarah! Visit Kinura’s website for more information.

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