Who are you communicating with in your workplace?

Do you know?

#CuriousMoments with Advita

There’s a huge debate going on at the moment about using the term internal marketing to describe internal comms.

As much the term internal marketing gives me the ick, there are some lessons we can take from our marketing friends that would help us create more personalised content, which would help cut through the noise ????????

1) Like marketers, we should know our stakeholders really well. Understanding employees’ preferences, communication styles, and information needs will help us tailor messages effectively. This means you need to observe the data. What is it telling you? Knowing how they work, habits of working style and where they work can really help. Are people reading long-form over short-form? Is there a specific style of video that resonates? Do people prefer email over team chat? Don’t make assumptions based on one or two strong voices. Do your due diligence, undertake a review and get data to back up your opinions.

2) Marketing strategies are agile and responsive to changing circumstances. We need to learn to adapt our messaging based on organisational shifts, ensuring information remains relevant and timely. Our IC strategy shouldn’t be sat in a folder once it’s created. It needs to be a living, breathing document adapted as and when required.

3) Similar to marketing campaigns, we should leverage various channels (emails, intranet, meetings, etc.) to reach a diverse range of stakeholders. This ensures that employees receive messages through their preferred channels. But each message must be adapted to the channel. Also, remember, if the channel isn’t adding anything, then retire it, and don’t waste any more energy on it.

How well do you think you know your organisation?

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