Workshop: Creating Happy Mondays!

Published: 8 June 2023

We’re thrilled Workshop is an InnerRebel Partner. Workshop’s Jamie Bell, VP of Marketing, spills the beans on the latest trends in internal communications. Spoiler alert: email isn’t going anywhere!

What is Workshop?

Workshop is the best email platform for internal communications! It’s our mission to create more Happy Mondays, and we strive to support the individuals and teams who are working consistently every day to create positive, engaged, and well-connected company cultures. With features like detailed email analytics, automatic distribution lists, drag-and-drop templates, embedded GIFs and surveys, audience segmentation, Sharepoint/MS Teams/SMS integrations, and more, Workshop makes it very easy for internal communicators to utilise the #1 channel in their comms toolkit (email)! 

Who do you work with?

Workshop is the tool of choice for creating, sending, and measuring employee emails for hundreds of organisations, including Papa Johns, FanDuel, Sun Country Airlines, HarperCollins, FastMed, and so many more. From a department of 100 to a team of 10,000, we’re happy to partner with companies of all shapes and sizes to create a solution for scaling communications.

Tell us about some of the challenges you’re supporting your customers with?

Internal communicators are looking to create and send relevant, on-brand, and effective communication to their employees so they can keep their teams informed and create alignment across the company. They want to send these communications to the right employees at the right time. Additionally, these internal communicators are looking to measure the impact of their comms efforts. That’s where Workshop comes in! Workshop was built with internal communications in mind. You can quickly build beautiful emails & multi-channel campaigns with our easy-to-use design tools + templates, can sync your employee lists, segment your messages, and communicate across the channels your team uses the most, and can measure the effectiveness of those campaigns, identify areas of improvement, and enhance engagement across your company.

We also offer dozens of free resources and articles to help internal communicators elevate their strategies.

What trends are you currently seeing in internal communications?

Earlier this year, we launched our 2023 Internal Comms Trend Report. We interviewed hundreds of accomplished professionals to learn how they’re tackling challenges, prioritising goals, and incorporating new ideas for this year (and beyond). The survey revealed that email is here to stay (in fact, it’s the #1 most-used form of internal communication and is part of the strategy for 97% of IC teams!), company values are top-of-mind, and internal communicators are making the most of small teams and semi-limited resources (as always). There is also clearly a real hunger and passion for connecting with employees in a meaningful way and backing those efforts up with measurable results. Through it all, there’s also a desire to repair the relationships internally with leadership and IT teams in order to truly prioritise proactive internal communications and help the team reach its fullest potential.

What made you sponsor Unleash Your Inner Rebel? 

I love the event’s attitude about embracing change and the idea of bringing real energy and vitality into the communications world. The lineup of speakers and the way the event is organised is also really intentional, with a fantastic variety of backgrounds and expertise. 

What does ‘unleashing your inner rebel’ mean to you?

It means trying something new in a traditional space and not being afraid to question the way things have always been done!  

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