The Comms Hive

The Comms Hive: A place for folks to connect, celebrate, thrive and shine.

The Comms Hive was created in February 2019 for communicators to connect and network. After feeling frustrated at not being able to network for long enough at events, due to restricted agendas and programmes, Advita put on her own dinners for comms professionals. She says: “I get some of my best ideas after conversations with comms peers and I realised that if I benefited so would others.”

The hives are for anyone interested in workplace culture, inclusion, change, people and comms. In fact it’s for anyone who wants to make work a better place and meet some great people.

Advita continues: “In my experience, once you get to a certain level in the comms profession it can be lonely. Having some people to bounce ideas off or just chat about general comms stuff can be powerful.

“I genuinely value the time I have with my peers and I acknowledge that I’m lucky to have a wide network of people I can tap into. But I wanted others to have this opportunity also, as the best way to learn is from each other.”

Upcoming events:

Thanks to our partners Engage and ContactMonkey, there is no cost to attend.

Manchester 11 June
Birmingham 17 June
London 18 June
Leeds 26 June

The hives will take place 6-8pm.

We keep these events as inclusive and accessible as possible. Whilst we’re ‘Rebels at heart’ we have two strict rules: No selling or pitching allowed. To keep things fair and equitable, tickets are limited to one per person.

Book your tickets!

Places are limited so we urge you to book your spot quickly. If your preferred location is full, you’ll be added to a waitlist.

We hope to see you there and if you have any questions email