Build your personal brand and
visibility coaching

We offer three or six-month coaching packages.

You are a leader in your field. You know the importance of creating a brand, you’ve been part of other people’s, but promoting yourself is a whole new experience. What do you want to be known for? And where are you currently stuck?

During this intensive one-to-one workshop, we will work through your questions and challenges to help you develop a brand which reflects you and helps you reach your goals.

What’s involved?


You will explore your niche, purpose and values.


We will discuss what you want to achieve, what you want to be known for, and what you are struggling with. I will share techniques and tactics that will help you.


We will look at what you are doing well and build on that.


You will get a personal brand workbook to map out your key actions over the next 90 days.


You will leave each session with more clarity, equipped with next steps, milestones and effective measures to keep yourself accountable.


It takes time to build an audience and a community, I’ll help you create your own path.


3-Month Coaching investment

£1,050 plus VAT

6-month Coaching investment

£2,050 plus Vat

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