Sarah Black

Published: 15 November 2022

Sarah Black has 30 years of experience in communications having worked in consultancy for major brands, small businesses, and non-profits across the UK, Ireland, the United States and in-house for non-profit organizations in Northern Ireland and Texas.

She is a former director of a multi-award-winning global PR & content agency where her achievements included leading campaigns addressing racism and sectarianism and promoting reconciliation and community building. She is an expert in crossing and adapting to cultures – ask her about learning enough Norwegian to write a press release for a local non-profit!

Sarah is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a former member of its Board and Executive Committee. She is also a Member of the Public Relations & Communications Association and a former Board Director of the global non-profit, Families in Global Transition.

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, she has lived in Norway and Texas though she currently calls Aberdeen home.

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