We are an employee experience and communications consultancy on a mission: To empower you to cultivate a thriving inclusive culture so colleagues unleash their full potential.

The workplace is evolving.
Are you ready?

We can work with you on the following:

– inclusive communication audits
– change programmes
– communication strategy and development
– digital transformation programmes
– leadership workshops
– communication skills training

all with inclusion at the heart of our delivery.

What we do!

What we do!

Consultancy Support

We are here to work with you every step of the way, regardless of the challenge you might be facing! We don’t just drop a load of recommendations and disappear.

We’re highly experienced internal communication and employee experience professionals. We provide a bespoke service to support you through large-scale digital transformations to embedding inclusive employer brand and employee value proposition practices in your organisation (and everything in-between). If you’re not sure if we can help, get in touch! If we can’t, we will know someone who can!

Confidence Coaching

Are you struggling with your confidence and need practical advice to help you thrive further in your role? Do you want to learn how you can have more impact and influence as a leader?

Our bespoke coaching packages will give you the boost you need and achieve your goals and objectives.


We offer a range of bespoke workshops which cover key areas such as trust, confidence, inclusive language, communication styles and much more.

We can help you make a difference in work and with the people you work with, support and serve.

You care how people feel at work. And so do we.

We’re a Manchester-based internal communications and employee experience consultancy that works with clients from across the globe. Led by Advita Patel, co-author of Building A Culture of Inclusivity, we’re known for making a difference by supporting leaders to cultivate inclusive workplace cultures that can help their organisations thrive.

Powerful things can happen when people feel they belong in their workplace. Performance is strong, profits are high, and people are engaged more with the purpose of your organisation.




Are you looking for a safe
space to find ideas and ask questions?

Our free CommsRebel platform is available from wherever you download your apps. If you’re looking for an inclusive community to share ideas, ask questions and find relevant resources, then this is the space for you. It’s open to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world of work! Find out more.

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    Chief Rebel Officer

    Advita Patel

    Having worked in internal communications roles for most of her 20-year career, Advita set up CommsRebel in her hometown of Manchester.

    Fuelled by her personal experiences of not fitting in or belonging in the workplace, she has created a communications consultancy that focuses on making a difference to people and how they feel at work.

    A qualified coach, Advita also works with senior leaders and internal communications teams to develop their confidence to lead change and have those difficult conversations.