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Revolutionising workplace cultures from the inside out.

We help make a difference in the world of work so leaders can boldly cultivate inclusive cultures that work for everyone.

The workplace is evolving.
Are you ready?

Work as we know is changing fast and a strong organisational culture has never been more important.

Is your organisation’s culture strong enough to survive future challenges? Do your employees feel like they belong at work? Are they encouraged to thrive? Do remote and hybrid employees feel equally connected? Are your employees connected to your vision, mission, values and purpose?

If you’re unsure and ready to do things differently, CommsRebel can help you.

We’re a Manchester-based internal communications and employee experience consultancy that works with clients from across the globe. Led by director Advita Patel, at CommsRebel, we’re known for empowering leaders so they can confidently lead and cultivate inclusive workplace cultures that work for everyone.

We’re at home in the workplace.

Advita Patel

You care how people feel at work. And so do we.

Powerful things can happen when people feel they belong in their workplace.

We support leaders in understanding what a thriving, inclusive culture means to them. We embed innovative internal communication practices to help promote a sense of belonging in organisations. The result? More engaged employees who thrive in their work.

Internal communications has the power to improve your company culture and increase employee engagement. Could we do the same for your company?

We can help you build belonging into your organisation through…


Inclusive communication audits. Our experts will help you facilitate listening sessions to understand how your employees feel so we can guide and advise you on the best approach with robust recommendations to help your team thrive.

action planning

Change communication. Using employee feedback and our insights, we’ll bring a fresh perspective to show how your organisation and its leaders can take meaningful action to drive change.

Confidence coaching
for comms teams

Confidence coaching. We coach and mentor communications and HR teams and individuals to help you feel empowered to lead confidently.

comms strategy

Strategy development. We can help you build inclusive cultures through an effective internal communications strategy and ensure that inclusivity is at the heart of your messaging.


Insighta and data. Measurement is essential to an effective communication strategy. We use proven methods to audit and review your communication channels so you can focus on communicating to your people.

Clients Clients


CommsRebel Platform

Our free CommsRebel platform is available from wherever you download your apps. If you’re looking for an inclusive community to share ideas, ask questions and find relevant resources, the CommsRebel platform is for you. It’s open to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world of work so people can thrive.



We help you tackle your biggest comms challenges. We ease the pressure on you and act as an extra set of hands when you need it most.

We’re highly experienced internal communication professionals. We provide a bespoke service to support you through large-scale transformations to embedding inclusive practices in your organisation.


Do you feel you are expected to have all the answers? Are you being asked to deliver comms outcomes and unsure what approach to take?

Our coaching and mentoring packages provide you with practical support advice to lead with confidence and make a positive impact.


Advita regularly speaks at events on topics such as the impact of DEI on internal comms, managing impostor syndrome and how to unleash your inner rebel.

She is thought-provoking and takes complex topics and makes them easy to understand, using examples from her own experience.

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    Chief Rebel Officer

    Advita Patel

    Having worked in internal communications roles for most of her 20-year career, Advita set up CommsRebel in her hometown of Manchester.

    Fuelled by her personal experiences of not fitting in or belonging in the workplace, she has created a communications consultancy that focuses on making a difference to people and how they feel at work.

    A qualified coach, Advita also works with senior leaders and internal communications teams to develop their confidence to lead change and have those difficult conversations.

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