Micro-trust moves

#CuriousMoments with Advita

I recently spoke at Staffbase’s Manchester comms club event about how to build trust. I shared the Trusted Advisor’s trustworthiness equation (credibility + reliability + Intimacy / Self-orientation) and spoke about the pitfalls of trust we should avoid within communications and HR.

When writing our book Building a Culture of Inclusivity, we wanted to include micro trust moves to help comms teams take immediate, inexpensive actions. After interviewing people, using our client experiences and undertaking some research, these are the top 10 we believe can reduce trust in an organisation, from a comms perspective ????????

Inconsistent messages
Limited coaching for line managers
No representation
No opportunity for feedback
Making assumptions
Limited time to respond to questions
Lack of action fatigue
Irrelevant messaging
Inaccurate messaging

If you fix a few of these, you’ll see a marked improvement in a few months.

Let me know what else you’d include.


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