Seven lessons from internal communication professional

Seven lessons from internal communication professional

#CuriousMoments with Advita 

This is my 20th year working as an internal communication professional, and I’ve learned an incredible amount over the past two decades.

My top seven lessons ????????

1) You don’t need a seat at the table – what you do need is the support and sponsorship of the decision-makers. Sitting at a table without that support is entirely pointless.

2) If your communication strategy and plan don’t align with the business priorities, then you’re just creating noise, and you’ll never be taken seriously.

3) Saying no will be uncomfortable, but if you don’t manage expectations, you’ll never get the resources you deserve, and you will burn out.

4) You’re not “just” an internal comms professional. You’re a business leader with internal communication expertise.

5) Understanding what matters to your leaders and the industry you’re working in will transform how they see you and your role.

6) Learn how to use data effectively. This is probably one of the best things you can do if you’re struggling to gain buy-in

7) Invest in professional development that’s also outside of communication – it’ll help boost your confidence. Finance for non-finance managers and becoming a certified coach has been life-changing.

What has been your top lesson? 

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