Stepping into measurement!

For my second blog I thought I might enter (very gently) into the world of measurement and metrics (risky I know).
This is one subject that often causes some of us creative types to break into a sweat. 

Often in our role we are caught up in the designing and implementation phase and we rarely tend to give measurement the time it requires. 

Since the CIPRinside conference last year, which was all about making an impact, I’ve been looking into this area in more detail and with great interest. Now I’ve not been totally blind to it before and I have produced reports of some sort in my previous roles but I’ve never really taken it too seriously and it was always a last minute thing to do. That was until I saw Kevin Ruck’s presentation on AVID (you can see it here) and I started to see the value IC measurement can actually bring to our role. 

My measurement journey generally starts at the meetings I hold with each of my stakeholders. It’s here I spend some time asking them about their KPIs and how I see Internal Comms helping to achieve them. This meeting helps to give me great insight in what they are trying to achieve and help me prove that IC can have a positive influence in delivering some of our key business metrics. 

Proving the impact we can have on an organisation is really powerful. Obviously having the right tools to help you with metrics does help. Whether it’s click through rates for an email, engagement scores, the number of visits to the intranet story or the number of queries received in our inbox based on our colleague app article, it all contributes in forming a very compelling report for our leaders.

We can finally start to show that we are more than just email distributors and formatting gurus – we can now prove how we make a significant difference to our organisation!

Now where is that spreadsheet…..

How do you handle measurement and metrics in your org? 

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