Why January isn’t a fresh start for CommsRebel founder, Advita

Published: 3 January 2024

#CuriousMoments with Advita

A few years ago, I realised that January wasn’t a new start for me. I was often tired, never really felt refreshed, and the dark nights impacted my wellbeing. 
This meant I struggled with keeping resolutions, which brought immense guilt when I failed. After spending time getting to know myself and boosting my confidence, I knew that starting anything new in the middle of winter was pointless for me. 
I decided to split the year into 90-day sprints, aligning with the four seasons we have in the UK. I don’t see January as my fresh start. For me, it’s 20 March-the first day of Spring. 
Here’s a brief overview of my planning schedule 👇🏾 
Winter (20 Dec – 20 March) is about nourishment, conserving energy and filling up my mental health jug. Whatever energy I have is focused on client delivery. 
Spring (20 March – 20 June) is about new ideas, innovation and reinvention. By this point, my jug has been refilled, so l instigate my plans and create audacious goals. 
Summer (20 June – 20 September) is about implementation, learning and fulfilment. I’m in full-on delivery mode. I often do a mid-year reset and take lessons on board from the last six months. 
Autumn (20 September – 20 Dec) is about discovery, focus and planning. My deep planning takes place in autumn. I look at my goals for the months ahead, understand what I need to change and adjust accordingly. 
Remember, January 1st is just another day on the calendar, and if you don’t feel inspired by this date, change your schedule – how you manage your time and goals has to work for you. 
I wish you all the best for the year ahead. Remember for 2024 avoid comparison, tune into your brilliance and live the life you want without needing validation from anyone. 
If you want my planning template, download your free copy! 

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