Our Events

We’re known for being community builders – we like bringing people together to share their experiences and insights of working in communications.

Unleash your inner rebel

In June 2022, we hosted our first-ever big, bold learning experience for comms and HR professionals which focused on leading with impact in the world of work.

We’re excited to announce ‘Unleash Your Inner Rebel’ will be back on 14 June 2023. Find out more about the day and how to purchase tickets!

The Comms Hive

We created the Comms Hive dinners for communicators to connect and network. They take place every few months across the UK.

A Leader Like Me

Diversity in Action Conference

We help underrepresented women and non-binary people of colour progress further in their careers and achieve their leadership goals.

In the last few years, it’s become clear that the conversation around diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging has fundamentally changed. Communication and HR professionals are looking at their organisations, their departments, and themselves and reflecting on our own roles in protecting systemic norms that keep diverse professionals from moving up through organisations.

We’ve also seen our associations do the research and set goals for change. The big question: Are we simply being performative or are we actually driving results.

We help people in the industry who want to take action and create a more diverse and inclusive culture. Join us between 7 – 11 November 2022 to meet like-minded people from across the globe and hear from industry experts.


The Coaching Retreat

Designed to help you concentrate on yourself, during this one-day retreat we focus on your purpose, confidence, boundaries and more.

Each Retreat Day is tailored to those who join us so what we cover will depend on what you tell us in your application questionnaire and our pre-retreat call. Our next retreat is on 22 February 2023 – find out more about the day and how to book your place.