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About Comms Rebel

Comms Rebel is here to help you think differently about the way you communicate to your organisation’s workforce. I give people the tools, techniques and confidence so they can begin to make traction with key issues that are impacting performance, culture and overall engagement within their organisation.

I specialise in working with organisations with a remote workforce and help leaders understand the communication needs of these stakeholders, particularly when there is significant change taking place.


I can also deliver workshops, focus groups and one-to-ones to help explore what works and what doesn't. With this information I can help create a plan which will give you a baseline for developing a communications strategy that works effectively. I can also help you tackle and find solutions for key communication issues that might keep you up at night, such as budget constraints, change, measurement and leadership comms.

I am dedicated to helping teams succeed and I want to help you and your business be the best you can be by revolutionising the way you communicate, so get in touch if you think I can help you.


“Rebellions are built on hope”


The Comms Rebel

Advita Patel, Director of Comms Rebel, has worked within the communications industry for almost 15 years.

She has gained experience in a range of industries including education, energy, healthcare and transport. She specialises in Internal Communications but also holds a Masters in Strategic Marketing and a diploma in Internal Communications.

Advita is a Chartered PR practitioner and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). In 2018 the Northern Power Women movement named her as one of their future leaders, an accolade given to 50 women every year. She’s currently the Chair for CIPR Inside which is the internal communications sub-committee for CIPR.