Curiosity creates opportunities and opens mindsets

Published: 24 April 2024

#CuriousMoments with Advita 

I recently held a Q&A for The Culture Club’s members on equity, diversity and inclusion in communications.

I love these types of sessions as we get through many questions and leave people with practical advice and support.

One question that comes up frequently when I do these sessions is how to manage differing viewpoints in the workplace, especially when the different views come from the dominant culture.
One thing to remember when we undertake EDI work is that we are not a homogeneous group. We all have different thoughts, feelings and experiences. Whether we disagree or agree, people are allowed to have an opinion.


As an organisation, you need to consider whether that individual 👇🏽

▪️Mistreats people
▪️Disrespects other people’s opinion
▪️Spreads misinformation or disinformation
▪️Causes harm to others

If you answered yes to any of them and there’s evidence, it must be addressed.

Having a different opinion is not a criminal offence. But treating people unfairly because you don’t like who they are could be classed as discrimination – which is illegal.

Being curious about various viewpoints is an opportunity to open up mindsets and learn new things.

Because believe it or not…

You can still like an individual and disagree with their stance or belief – respectfully.

You can still have a productive disagreement without shouting and screaming at each other.

You can still treat each other with mutual respect and not discriminate because you disagree.

However, implicit bias shows up in all forms and it escapes no one. So, take some time to truly think about where you may have inadvertently treated someone differently because you disagree with their way of life, sexuality, religion, etc.

What do you think? Could you work with someone who has an opinion you strongly disagree with?  

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